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First Impressions

I gently wiped the Nutella from Lexi's face. "Remember, you don't get a second chance to give a good first impression." I looked down at the blank expression on my four year old daughters face. Why had I told her that? It meant nothing to a four year old. I'd clearly been on too many customer care courses, the mantras of how to be liked coming back far too easily.  Four year olds need honesty and to be told that it's all going to be okay. "Be nice to people, and kind to other children who are playing on their own, let them join in. It's going to be fun at school, this is the start of a big adventure." Okay that bit was a lie.  To me school had not been an adventure, more of an endurance. And the first impressions thing? At my first day of senior school I had gone to school with my naturally very curly hair slightly longer than it should have been and was called 'poodle' for the next six years.  First impressions matter. With the Nutell…