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Sunglasses on a Train

There are many many many things that irritate me about travelling on the underground every day. When people stand on the left on the escalators rather than walking, there are signs every ten metres - read one of them!People who lean on the poles, while I struggle to find anything to hold onto so I stay on my feet when the train pulls away.Men's pointy shoes are another, why wear them when there is not actually anywhere to tread in case you tread on the empty pointy pointless bit taking up valuable space.
But there is one thing i just don't understand that confuses me more than all of these points, why do some people wear sunglasses on the underground? For a start it’s underground.  There is no sun, there is no sunlight. There isn't even any daylight, I just don't understand it. As a normal everyday human you cannot be much further underground and further from sunlight. What are these people protecting themselves from? The brightness of their ego? Remember that 80's…

Know your onions

Turning Australian - When you pick up on an accent, and just can't stop.

Alan arrives at our flat.  Alan is an estate agent who is here to talk to us about renting our flat when we move. He steps in wearing the customary estate agent shiny suit, I laugh inwardly. Earlier I had predicted this to Kat, "He'll definitely be wearing a shiny suit” I'd said. This night is going to go exactly as I thought it would I'm pretty sure. But then something happened that changed everything.  I sit and listen as he shows us pictures and information on properties he has rented for people in the recent past, and then he starts with the jargon and estate agent talk. Estate agent talk is something that troubles me, where they always try to make something very negative sound like a positive. When you are searching for flats or houses on Zoopla or Rightmove you really have to read between the lines of the comments they say. We all for example know when they say "easy to maintain living space" it means "It’s very very small",  "The property has …

Driving and Texting

Essex Optician

The Band

Peeing in the shower