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Being forced to live a lie.

Once when I was between permanent jobs I took a temping job at a vending machine company in their accounts department. I didn’t expect I would work there for a long time so I didn’t take the job all that seriously. At the end of my first week there, I really wanted to have Friday afternoon off to go to a concert but thought the boss might say no, so decided to pull a sickie. I didn’t want to call in sick in the morning because as I was temping and paid by the hour I would lose a whole days money, so decided to fake an illness halfway through the day. 
At lunchtime, there were cakes for someone’s birthday brought out, so I ate the biggest cream cake that I could see, and then a while later disappeared.  I spent a while in the toilets, and then went back to my line-manager and said I had been sick and would have to go home.  Here is where I made my big mistake; I said that I must have had an allergic reaction to something in the cake and that it had happened before. I go to go home that …