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I had decided to have an early night. I unplugged the phone, switched off the TV, set the alarm on my bedside clock radio and headed for my pillow.
As I lay there I became slowly aware that I could hear music. I had to strain to hear it, but once I was aware of it that's all I could hear.  But I couldn’t work out where it was coming from.
I lay in the dark and tried to listen for which direction it was coming from, I had neighbours on both sides, but it was not quite loud enough to tell which way it was coming from, even when I listened at both walls.
Two hours later at 11.30 I was still lying awake – the music was still going. It sounded like someone had a radio on, but must have been loud for me to hear it in my flat. I listened at the wall furthest from me, there was definitely no noise coming up from that direction; it had to be my other neighbour.  I pulled the covers up over my head and hoped it would stop soon.
At 2 am – I was still awake, and still hearing the same noise. I pressed my ear up against the wall, the music wasn't any louder, but it had to be coming from him, there was no other alternative. I banged on the wall, the music kept playing, so I banged on the wall again, and then again and again. But it was still no use, the music still stayed on.
I got dressed quickly and headed outside and onto the communal walkway.  I angrily pushed his door buzzer. As I waited I noticed it was really odd that I couldn’t hear the music from his front door. After a few moments buzzing his door buzzer repeatedly I could make out a shape stumbling towards the front door through the frosted glass.
“Do you know what time it is?” I blurted out as he opened the door
 “What?” my neighbour looked confused “About 2 o’clock?”
“Well then” I snapped and stormed off back to my flat. That had shown him!
As I got back in bed, I noticed that the music was still playing just loud enough to hear. 
“That cheeky….”  I started, and then I noticed something.  The light on my clock radio was on, I rolled over and listened in disbelief discovering it was MY radio that had been on all along. Not loudly at all, but loud enough for me to just hear out from the other side of the bed.
No wonder my neighbour looked confused – I had just woken him up and then shouted at him to ask the time for absolutely no reason! 
I avoided my neighbour from then on. 


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